About overseas export

About overseas export

Those who purchase Shiba Inu from outside Japan are required to have various conditions when they come to Japan at the time of delivery and to bring their dog from Japan to a foreign country.
Please check the entry conditions of each country directly with the embassy of the partner country in Japan https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/link/emblist/index.html or the animal quarantine agency of the partner country.

Example condition

·Import permit
·Installation of microchip
·Various vaccinations (rabies, canine distemper, etc.)
·Administration of extermination drugs for external and internal parasites
·Serum test
·Certificate of period of residence, etc.

Depending on the country of residence, there are countries that have conditions such as vaccines and microchips as conditions for puppies to enter the country.
Depending on the conditions, the inspection location may be limited, or it may take from one week to a maximum of five months depending on the country, so if the export schedule is decided, the animal quarantine will be quarantined as soon as possible. Please contact us and submit the export inspection application at least 7 days before the scheduled export.

Until the puppy is exported, management fees will be incurred during the period when the puppy is kept until it is picked up.
Please contact us for management fees incurred during the storage period.

Export record of Shibainu.net

·UK and Europe
·United Arab Emirates
·Hong Kong

In the case of the United States

In the case of the United States, you need to check both the country and the state.
For countries, be sure to contact the US Embassy directly.

For states, you can find it on the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service page.

In the case of Canada

For Canada, you can find it on the Canada Border Services Agency page.

In the case of the United Kingdom

In the case of the United Kingdom, you can check it on the homepage of the British government.

For EU member states

For EU member states, you can check the special import conditions of the European Union.

In the case of United Arab Emirates

For the United Arab Emirates, you can check from the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water page.

In the case of Vietnam

In the case of Vietnam, you can check it from the page of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Japan.

For Singapore

For Singapore, you can check it on the Singapore Airlines website.

In the case of Taiwan

In the case of Taiwan, you can check it from the page of the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Animal and Plant Quarantine Bureau.

In the case of Hong Kong

In the case of Hong Kong, you can check it from the page of Hong Kong Fisheries and Nature Conservation Office.

In the case of South Korea

For South Korea, you can check it from the page of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Nagoya.